Model HDR
Model H50

Manufacturing high quality preformed loops since 1989

De-Tech Manufacturing has been providing the traffic industry with extremely durable loop detectors for more than 20 years.  Using De-Tech preformed loops on your project will eliminate loop replacement costs from your maintenance budget.

We build two different models of preformed loops, both having the same high quality general construction.

Model HDR loops are specifically designed to be installed in new road construction or new asphalt overlays.  These loops can withstand direct contact with asphalt paving machines, dump trucks and concrete trucks.  The design is flexible throughout so that saw cut installation is also achieved with no problem.

Model H50 loops are specifically designed to be installed in a 1/2" saw cut.  There are no preformed corners and the loop is flexible throughout to conform to inexact saw cutting.  This model has nearly all the same specifications as the Model HDR, in a smaller O.D. hose.

Both loop models are filled with polyurethane that is chemically cured.  This material does not soften or harden when exposed to temperature extremes, allowing for the ultimate wire protection in any climate.  It is important to note that wire protection to allow for longevity is the only function of a preformed loop.

Our philosophy is that to achieve that function, the materials used in construction of the loops must be of similar flexible properties to work together in a dynamic environment, and to never introduce dissimilar materials in a dynamic environment. Our loop designs have proven that function since 1989.

Our manufacturing system is designed to provide quick turnaround on orders to meet your demanding construction schedules.  All orders can generally be shipped within two or three weeks, and generally we can quick ship smaller orders in one or two days.

We manufacture our products to the highest standards, backed by a long history and full warranty.  You can count on getting the best and longest lasting loop installation available when you install DE-TECH preformed loops.