Model HDR
Model H50

MODEL H50 preformed loop:

*Loop and homerun constructed using 250 psi
  hydraulic hose.  1/2" outside diameter.

*No hose splices except at tee connection.

*Tee joint constructed using high temp rubber
  flexible throughout.

*Standard wire is #18 TFFN copper.  NO SPLICES.

*Loop and homerun filled with polyurethane.
  Material cures chemically not hot melt.
  Material will not soften or harden in extreme
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This loop is very durable, and has all the same features as the Model HDR in a more compact design for an easier saw cut installation.  The loop has no preformed corners so it can conform to any configuration,  and will flex with the pavement.

These loops can be ordered in square, rectangle, round or quadrupole configurations.

H50 cut sheet

H50 specification